Experience Malawi

Scouting in Malawi

1st Poulner Scouts - Helping Develop Scouting in Malawi

1st Poulner have sent scouts to Malawi in 2008, and 2010, to see the latest work that 1st Poulner Scouts have been doing in Malawi, and catch up with their latest adventures, visit their website: 1st Poulner Scouts.

Some basic information about Malawi

- Malawi is the 7th poorest country in the world
- It has a population of approximately 12,5 million; of those 750,000 are orphans, a figure increasing by 65,000 a year
- Over 200 people die of AIDS each day
- Life expectancy in 1997 was 41; now it is 36
- 48% of children in Malawi are chronically malnourished
- In the last decade maternal deaths in childbirth have increased by 100%
- One in four children die before the age of five
- 7% of the population have electricity
- 42% of the population are illiterate


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